What is Discipleship?


Discipleship is more than going to church, believing certain things or trying to live a certain way.

Discipleship is the way Jesus taught us to live intentionally, and in community with others.

Discipleship is the intentional life-long journey of:

  • Learning who Jesus is

  • Following Jesus

  • Becoming Like Jesus

  • Teaching others to do the same

Discipleship is Jesus' Plan:


  • For sharing God's amazing message of hope

  • For building loving communities of Jesus followers

  • For cultivating deeply devoted followers of Jesus Christ

Is Discipleship for Me?


Yes, if you want to:

  • Discover your purpose.

  • Have a clear picture of God's plan for salvation.

  • Understand the big story of the Bible from beginning to end.

  • Learn how to read and study the Bible for yourself.

  • Intentionally deepen your relationship with Jesus.

  • Be challenged to grow to a new level as a Jesus follower in a community of intentional Jesus followers.

  • Develop spiritual disciplines that have a real impact on your life and on the lives of those around you.

  • Be deeply rooted in your faith and effectively share it with others.

  • Be invested in, and trained to invest your life in others who will be able to make disciples.

  • Learn to step out of your comfort zone and watch God change your life!

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